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Total Energy and Water Solutions…with Record Reliability

When you’re considering expanding or relocating your business, finding a site with reliable, affordable energy and water is critical. That’s why OUC provides what companies want most in a new location: affordable rates, record reliability, and innovative energy and water solutions with a strong focus on sustainability. As a long-time proponent for economic growth in our community, we can help you cut through the red tape and get down to business.

Competitive Rates and Incentives

OUC offers some of the most competitive electric and water rates in the Southeast United States. Along with our economic development rates and incentives, we make a compelling financial case for doing business with us. After all, when your bottom line is significantly dependent on power, every penny counts.

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Record Power & Water Reliability

With year-round sunshine and enviably good weather, Orlando offers a beautiful and safe environment for establishing or relocating your business. You can count on our weather to be generally mild, and even when it’s not, you can count on OUC to keep business up and running. In fact, our crews are so adept at storm response that other states ask for our help when disaster strikes.

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Most Reliable in the Southeast

OUC has been honored four times as the most reliable electric utility in the Southeastern United States by PA Consulting Group, a leading management, systems and technology consulting firm.

Most Reliable in the State

For the 18th year in a row, according to Florida Public Service Commission data, OUC has provided the most reliable electric service in the state – outperforming investor-owned utilities in key performance areas that measure overall electric reliability regardless of size.

Faster Response and Restoration Time

OUC customers are less likely to lose power – and if they do, they are often restored up to 27% faster than other utilities in Florida. Our record response time translates into less down time for your business.


Safe, Clean, Great-Tasting

OUC has been leading the way in water quality for decades, thanks to our forward-looking approach to water treatment. In 1997, we were the first utility to completely adopt ozone generation at all of our water treatment plants - yielding some of the safest, cleanest, and best-tasting water in the southeast.

Protecting Water Resources

To protect Central Florida’s water resources over the long term, the St. Johns River Water Management District issued Consumptive Use Permits (CUP) to area water authorities, requiring them to meet 46 water conservation and management conditions. OUC was issued a 20-year CUP, which enables us to meet customer needs through 2023.

Water Distribution Reliability

When compared to the American Water Works Association’s national benchmark for number of water main repairs per mile of pipe, OUC water mains rank as better maintained and in better condition than the national average.

Highest Rated in Fire Coverage

With more than 10,000 well-maintained high-pressure hydrants earning a score of 39.4 out of a possible 40 points, OUC played a pivotal role in helping The City of Orlando earn the highest fire coverage rating for its fire department.

Stable and Sustainable Power Generation

Because OUC owns and operates the 1,850-MW Curtis H. Stanton Energy Center (SEC) – one of the most fuel-diverse energy center in the state of Florida – we control our own generation capacity, relying on a diverse mix of fuel sources including solar, landfill gas, natural gas and coal. Our customers reap the rewards: sustainable fuel generation and stable prices even in an ever changing fuel and regulatory environment.

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Landfill Gas

As one of the most economically renewable sources of reliable energy, landfill gas has been part of the OUC energy portfolio since 1998. In addition to helping reduce greenhouse gas emission from the landfills, the program displaces more than 3% of the fossil fuel required for Stanton Units 1 and 2, and provides enough electricity every day for 16,000 homes.


As part of a long-term strategy to provide a diverse fleet of clean, reliable generation, OUC opened the first solar farm in Orange County in 2011 at Stanton Energy Center. The 5.9-MW solar photovoltaic array covers 50-plus acres of land and generates enough renewable energy to power more than 600 homes.

Natural Gas

In 2010, OUC brought its newest natural gas combined cycle unit, Stanton B, online at Stanton Energy Center. The state-of-the-art unit increased clean energy production by 50%. Stanton B’s heat recovery steam generators and steam turbines are capable of producing 300 MWs of ultra-low-emission power.


According to federal monitoring agencies, Stanton Energy Center Units 1 and 2 are among the most environmentally sound coal-fired operations in the nation. We maintain that high standard by continuously optimizing for efficiency, pollution control and operating flexibility – most recently by co-firing natural gas in Units 1 and 2. Stanton’s co-firing success has become a model for utilities around the state and across the country.

A Zero Liquid Discharge Facility

State-of-the-art pollution control equipment used at Stanton Energy Center enables the plant to operate as a zero-liquid discharge facility. Stanton Energy Center reuses nearly 100% of the water it needs from Orange County’s Eastern Wastewater Treatment Facility, which reduces the demand on our precious groundwater supply. All rain run-off on the site is diverted to holding ponds for re-use.

Sustainability Leadership

Companies who care about sustainability want business partners who share that same commitment. When you do business in Orlando, that partner is OUC. We have been providing electric and water service in an environmentally responsible manner for nearly nine decades. And our passion for sustainability drives the innovation that is shaping our community’s future.

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Reliable Plaza

In 2009, OUC's Reliable Plaza earned Gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, officially cementing the 10-story administration center as the "Greenest Building in downtown Orlando".

Reliable Plaza also holds a Florida Water Star certification, a voluntary program for new and existing construction that encourages water efficiency in appliances, plumbing fixtures, irrigation systems and landscapes.

As a result, Reliable Plaza uses 28% less energy and 40% less water than similar buildings built to code.

Solar Power

OUC has pioneered solar power in our region. In addition to the photovoltaic rooftop and solar-powered EV charging stations at our own Reliable Plaza, we’ve helped customers ranging from the City of Orlando to the Orange County Convention Center develop and install significant solar projects. See more about our solar projects.

  • OUC was named the 2013 Public Power Utility of the Year by the Solar Electric Power Association.
  • OUC built its first solar farm in Orange County at OUC’s Curtis H. Stanton Energy Center along Innovation Way. The 5.9-Megawatt solar photovoltaic (PV) array can generate enough renewable energy to power more than 600 homes.
  • OUC partnered with Orange County to help install a one-megawatt rooftop solar photovoltaic array on the Orange County Convention Center – the largest system of its kind on a convention center in the United States.
  • Developed Central Florida’s first community solar farm at our Gardenia facility – a 400 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) array.

Electric Vehicles

An early adopter of plug-in electric vehicles (EVs), OUC was the first municipal utility in Florida to get EVs, and our fleet now includes cars and vans to bucket trucks. We are also helping to make Orlando a national leader in this increasing popular mode of transportation by installing 140 public charging stations throughout the city. Learn more.

  • 17,000
    EV station charges to date
  • 46,510 kg
    Greenhouse gas emissions reduced
  • OUC installed five Direct Current (DC) Fast Chargers which lead the industry in efficiency by charging 80% of an EV’s battery capacity in 30 minutes.

Stanton Energy Center

The OUC-owned and operated Stanton Energy Center is one of the most environmentally responsible energy centers in the state. In addition to generating energy from a diverse mix of fuel sources designed for sustainability, almost two-thirds of the 3,280-acre site is dedicated to conservation – providing a protected wildlife refuge and habitat for nearly 40 different animal species. Learn more about SEC.

Strategic Business Services

If you’re looking to do business in the Central Florida area, OUC can help pave the way. We offer a number of business development services to help you get established, including identifying shovel-ready sites that may work for your business. To help get you up and running, OUC offers innovative commercial services like OUCooling and OUConvenient Lighting. These programs will lower your up-front need for capital and increase long-term operational efficiency.

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Established in 1997, OUCooling helps commercial property owners reduce capital investment and long-term operational costs by using chilled water for their air-conditioning needs. OUCooling customers including Lockheed Martin, Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, the Mall at Millenia and the Florida A&M Law School have reaped significant benefits from the service. With 47,950 tons cooling capacity across our five chilled water districts (with plans for expansion), your business could be next.

How Does OUCooling Work?

OUConvenient Lighting

For businesses looking to minimize upfront capital investment and maximize long-term ROI, OUConvenient Lighting offers a compelling option. OUC will install innovative lighting for a wide spectrum of indoor and outdoor commercial applications – from industrial parks to sports complexes to residential developments – all at no upfront cost to you. Not only can you reallocate that capital to other needs, but since our solutions are designed for efficiency, your savings continue to grow with every day you operate.

  • Customized
    Solutions built for your business
  • Outdoor
    Dozens of fixture/pole combinations
  • Indoor
    New installations or retrofit

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Sustainability Services

Whether you want a solar rooftop array to help lower power costs or EV charging stations for your employees, OUC can help. In addition to providing an assessment of your sustainability options, we can assist you in other areas, like applying for LEED certification and the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC); achieving Green Certification; and energy and environmental design. Learn more.

Development Services

From initial inquiries about service availability to finalized plans, OUC can assist you throughout every step of your development project. We’ve developed comprehensive guides and planning resources to help you minimize any potential changes that may be required for infrastructure approval. For the most complex projects, our dedicated Development Services department will meet with you personally to review your preliminary design plans and help streamline the permitting process. Learn more.

Business Energy Advisor

This online library contains a wealth of useful tools and resources to help you make smart decisions about your business’s energy needs. You’ll find equipment buying advice, equipment maintenance tips, calculators and checklists to help you determine upgrade savings and identify your most efficient solutions. All the content is organized by industry to help you find the most relevant resources for your needs. Consult Business Energy Advisor.

Business Energy Survey

Let our highly trained and experienced energy experts examine every aspect of your building and operations, then identify the steps you can take to save money and operate more efficiently. In addition to a detailed written report, you’ll receive the Business Energy Efficiency Guide, which can show you even more ways to profit from energy management.

Call an OUC account representative at 407-423-9018 or email your inquiry to us.

Hometown Advantage

Owned by the citizens of Orlando, OUC—The Reliable One is a municipal public utility that provides dependable, affordable electric and water solutions to more than 230,000 customers. Over the last century, as Orlando evolved from a small town into a bustling city, we have been a community backbone. By planning wisely, thinking innovatively and investing in the future, we’ve set the pace as an industry leader and empowered Orlando to grow, advance, thrive and succeed.

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Financial and Operational Strength

With more than $3 billion in assets and annual operating revenues in excess of $800 million, OUC finances all expansions with bonds covered by its own revenues and maintains AA, Aa2, and AA bonding ratings from Fitch Investors Service, Inc.; Moody’s Investors Service; and Standard and Poor’s, respectively.

A First-Class Water Operation

OUC uses groundwater from the Lower Floridan Aquifer, water which is naturally very clean and operates seven remotely controlled, interconnected water plants, all of which use ozone treatment to remove sulfur, which occurs naturally in water and reduces the use of chlorine. Our water plants can produce up to 109 million gallons per day.

Transmission and Distribution

OUC maintains 2,378 miles of electric distribution and 338 circuit miles of transmission lines over its 419-square-mile electric service area. The utility’s water system includes more than 1,700 miles of pipe.

Powerful Community Connections

Successful development – commercial and residential – requires cooperation among many entities, including owners, developers, consultants and contractors. OUC knows all the players, and can help you make critical connections and forge productive, long-term partnerships.

Total Energy, Water & Business Solutions

As a true partner to our commercial customers, we have expanded business lines to include a variety of programs that help businesses enhance efficiency, reduce costs and promote sustainability.